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30.11.2010, 22:41

News before the Release Date/MHP3rd Site Update

After couple hours, the MHP3rd will official release in Japan. Since we can not get it and zocken at first time, i post still some news,maybe someone still interest in them.


This weekly famitsu will have over 100 pages contents of MHP3rd. Release it am mittwoch ,01.12, same as the MHP3rd.

There are some alos special Bonus, which is Combo-Attack Tabelle of all 12 Weapon. Someone have already get them. Take a look.

New DL Quest and Weapon.

The anime series Baki the Grappleris which is by Keisuke Itagaki, will with MP3rd collaborate, offer the hunter a most power weapon.

zum Lesen den Text mit der Maus markieren

The MHP3rd in Japan, some handel has raised the prices to 10000 Yen( ca 90 euro) on the first day sell, the OVP is 5800 Yen.


Capcom MHP3rd Site Update : DL Quest List released, and some new CM.

First DL Quest:

01.12 Detektiv Conan: Continuing Hunting Event.


If there is some news from Famitsu, i will update them here. (I Wanna see that over 100 pages too)


Quell: Famitsu/Weekly Shōnen Champion/Capcom
Ich bedanke mich für Ihre Hilfe im voraus.

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30.11.2010, 23:22

lol! 90€ nur um es einen tag früher zu zokken...

Ach ja Nice ne grappler waffe xD

Der anime is echt nice

Und danke für die News

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01.12.2010, 06:41

Lol ich würde auch die 90€ zahlen, aber

I thought the offical Release-Date was 0 Am - 1.12.2010 in Japan? This was 4 PM - 30.11.2010 in Germany!